SpectraView Profiler 4.1.11

NEW: added new instruments: Konica Minolta Display Color Analyzer CA-210
NEW: support for Windows XP x64 and Vista x64
– automatic hardware calibration via the DDC/CI standard interface for:
ZSpectraView 1980, SpectraView 2180, SpectraView Reference 21,
ZSpectraView 1990, SpectraView 2090, SpectraView 2190, SpectraView 2690,
ZSpectraView 3090.
ZNEW: NEC SpectraView P221W, NEC SpectraView 2490, SpectraView Reference 2690,
ZSpectraView Reference 3090.

– predefined calibration and profiling settings (Office, PrePress, ISO 3664 and ISO 12646,
ZPhotography, Video, WebDesign, Notebook)
– the brand new ambient light measurement allows for compliance with viewing standards
Zlike ISO 3664 and 12646
– manual white point and calibration curve editing
– supported instruments: basICColor SQUID2, EyeOne Display, EyeOne Display Version 2,
ZEyeOne Monitor, EyeOne Pro, Monaco Optix XR, X-Rite DTP94, Spyder 2, Spyder 3

More information and a version history you can find in the release notes after successful installation.